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Last night I just went through another major challenge given to me and that is to join a Beauty Pageant! Whew!

That was my second time joining such event and the last time was 7 years ago! But what i was wondering is that i never felt nervous throughout the event. i even enjoyed it. HAHA! i am super thankful to Him for guiding me and to all my friends and family who were there to cheer for me and encourage me.

anyway I won as the 1st runner up and almost all the special awards too! Heehee :)

don’t speak when you are angry.
don’t make decisions when you are happy.

don’t speak when you are angry.

don’t make decisions when you are happy.

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im back.

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MY LIFE IN THE UNIVERSITY.and i made this cause now im frustrated and im bored

Hi! My name is Laraflyn Camay, 18 years old, currently a 3rd year Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Student at University of Southeastern Philippines.

Three years ago my life was completely different from what it is right now. Well of course it would be different because it was three years ago. Anyway what I really meant is that every principle, dream or goal that I had before, is a lot different now.

I never really dreamt about being an engineer or an electrical engineer whatsoever. I always wanted to be a businesswoman who, of course, runs her own business that would someday be big and popular to the world. Well I guess that is every high school girl’s dream, to become a legendary business owner. That is because, it is in my generation when a young teenager’s fantasy is to meet a rich and handsome bachelor, which is commonly shown on television.

I even thought that it would really be possible for me to become the most successful businesswoman in our country, at least, because I prepared myself for that dream. I exposed myself in different competitions when I was in elementary and high school. I joined journalism and math competitions, and I tell you, I was really really good at it (HAHA). I soared high above my batch mates. I was once considered a star in our school because in every competition I joined, I always won (LOLJK). I trained myself to being used to competitions because I knew that joining the business world would mean a lot bigger and riskier fight among my rivals than any contests that I have been to.

Well obviously that’s changed now because here I am studying in this big and famous university, preparing to become one of the most outstanding engineers in our field. That is if I pass the board exams and if I survive the fiery and tough professors who are handling us now.

Anyway, I am going to tell you how I ended up in this course, in this university. It was all because of the very beneficial and generous offers of the Department of Science and Technology. Yes, the DOST. And I was under its curriculum for the whole four years of my high school. And because I was under its program, I was required to take the very favorable DOST Scholarship Examination, which separates the passers into two groups, which I really think is unnecessary. These two groups anyway, are the RA and the Merit A. I am not going to elaborate on that but it has something to do with the annual income and the monthly electric consumption of the family of each student.

So, as expected, I took the exam. And because I was a brilliant student (HAHAHAHA), I also passed the test. I was grouped under the Merit A students. I was really ecstatic that moment when I read my name in the newspaper under the title “DOST SCHOLARSHIP PASSERS 2009”. I happily announced it to my parents and I knew that they were really proud of me. What made me regret taking that exam was when I discovered that the Merit A Scholars are limited to choose only between two courses: Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Of course I chose BSECE because it sounded like it was closer to the possibility of having a business than Electrical Engineering. I mean, what am I going to do after I graduate if I take BSEE?

Anyway some things changed when I arrived at the university and two years later, I eventually shifted to Electrical Engineering because I learned the motto: “Being successful is everyone’s goal, but the road towards it is up to the person.” So I chose a better and easier road towards triumph.

Well for everybody’s information, everything I have done, everything that I longed to achieve, are all for my parents. Losing any of them would make life meaningless. I mean, we all have those rawrrr times with them but seriously speaking, I do these, all of these, for them. And I am so thankful to the Lord that even though I have not been a perfect person, He gave me perfect parents.

I do not care about the insecure people who spread rumors about me and stare at me like it’s the end of the world whenever I ran into them in our building. As long as my family is on my side, I would never stop struggling and reaching for my dreams. I know this has been so lengthy but I really express gratitude to those who took their time reading this.

Life in the university is not easy. Period. My life in this university has been complicated, demanding, made me problematic and full of troubles but I know that after sharpening a pencil, you will always end up with a better and more proficient pencil.